What we do


Community Contact Clubs
RKMT has 2 Contact Clubs in Delhi. They are situated at BEGAM VIHAR and NAHARPUR The contact centers help in identifying the problems and needs of people and their families.
These centers provide remedial and non-formal educational support, vocational training & social awareness, recreation facilities, supplementary nutrition and medical facilities to needy people. All centers have library facilities.

Vocational Training

Vocational Training has been one of the main means of mainstreaming people of RKMT.
Since its inception the task of training in RKMT. It has successfully trained hundreds of RKMT in trades like, general electrical and electronics, cutting and tailoring, book binding, beauty culture, computer training, tipping and hand craft.
As an accredited vocational institute regular courses of 6 months to 1-year duration are being offered on subsidized rates. Admissions to these courses are open round the year for candidates who fulfill basic requirements. Some of the courses offered include cutting, tailoring & garment manufacturing, library attendant, library assistant, library science, beautician, plumbing, carpentry, laundry services and housekeeping.

RKMT training centre

RKMT is providing education to children coming from economically and socially disadvantaged background. RKMT has a training center at the Begam vihar and Naharpur. At present the training center has three classes where people trained.