Who we are

  • To provide opportunities to neglected people to evolve into respectable and responsible citizens;
  • To develop as a national resource and enabling positive application of policy and law in the field of welfare and protection of people;
  • To evolve as a center for experimentation and innovation in the field of care and protection of people;
  • To actively support national laws and international conventions That uphold the dignity and rights of the people;
  • To provide basic human rights to orphaned, destitute, run away, abandoned, street and working people;
  • To provide enabling environment and arrange for vocational and life skill training to disadvantaged people;
  • To garner financial assistance and provide sponsorships to people to pursue academics, sports, arts and any life skill.
  • To support and conduct research in the field and protection;
  • To facilitate career counseling, employment counseling and placement facilities for legally eligible students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • To co-operate with other national and international organization with similar aims and objectives;